Natural Isn’t Enough (And Neither is Organic)

Flowers laid out to be distilled for essential oils

We all know organic and natural ingredients are better for us, but those things alone don’t equate to product safety. Even organic ingredients are often preserved with harmful chemicals that aren’t disclosed on the ingredients listing. The only way to know an ingredient and a product is truly safe is to conduct an independent review all its components, and for that we turn to MADE SAFE, the most comprehensive and trustworthy nontoxic certification available today. 

Safe is our standard 

Every product in our collection is certified MADE SAFE, meaning it’s been reviewed by MADE SAFE scientists to ensure it doesn’t harm people or the planet. The MADE SAFE review process includes a complete investigation of every ingredient, including preservatives and the supply chain, leaving nothing uninspected. 

Other product safety certifications are available for purchase or ask brands to police their own ingredient list, clouding what’s safe from what’s not. MADE SAFE, on the other hand, is entirely independent.

Our products are certified MADE SAFE and entirely free of:

  • Endocrine (hormone) disruptors 
  • Carcinogens 
  • Parabens 
  • SLS and SLES
  • Phthalates 
  • Synthetic fragrance 
  • GMOs
  • Animal cruelty

The majority of our ingredients are pure plant extracts, and we use certified MADE SAFE synthetic ingredients to enhance our natural formulas, and as safe preservatives. 

How to find safe products

As people become more aware of the harmful chemicals inside most products, more and more businesses are responding to the demand for safer products. But formulating with natural ingredients isn’t enough. To create products that are truly safe for people, businesses need to commit to third-party product safety testing that proves their products don’t contain hidden, harmful chemicals.

Until more brands do so, this list of ten toxins to avoid in beauty products can help you find safer cosmetics. You can also check out MADE SAFE’s product library, which we hope will include more products and categories as people put pressure on businesses to commit to nontoxic certification.