How nutrition, skincare and self-care connect, according to Vejo founder Christoph Bertsch

Vejo smoothie

We had the pleasure of connecting with Christoph Bertsch, founder of Vejo – a fellow California-based brand that delivers organic, biodegradable smoothies to your door. Like our mission at True Botanicals, Christoph strives to integrate health and wellness with sustainable measures and compassion toward the planet.

“Sustainability and safety for our planet is a never ending effort at Vejo, and something we are always pushing forward on.”

It’s not always easy to reflect on your body’s needs, let alone the health of our environment. Vejo takes a thoughtful approach, considering the safety of both people and the planet, so you can take strides toward your health and feel good about the footprint you’re leaving behind.

In caring for our planet, we care for ourselves, too. The term ‘self-care’ is so often promoted and encouraged in the wellness space, but what does it actually mean? We asked Christoph his take.

“Self care to me is finding what recharges you… Listening to your body and your mind, recognizing your needs, and finding an outlet that serves you.”

What self care isn’t? Quick fixes. Fillers and fluff. It’s not always easy to take the extra time for yourself in your daily routine, but Vejo is making healthy choices more accessible with their super simple portable blenders. It’s the kind of self-care that pays off, too!

“At 44 years old, I feel my absolute best! And I know that without the holistic approach – exercise, proper nourishment, self-care – I would have never gotten to this point.”

What True Botanicals and Vejo have most in common is the belief in holistic wellness – what you put in your body and how you nourish your body can drastically change your overall well being.

“To us, being ‘clean’ means being transparent and thoughtful in our formulations.”

True Botanicals and Vejo share a passion for providing your body and skin with nature’s most potent ingredients, so you never have to sacrifice natural products for effective ones (or delicious ones!) Vejo’s functional blends, like their immune-boosters, sleep formulas and beauty blends are doctor formulated, using ingredients that are science-backed, grounded in research.

Enjoy a multi-tasking masking moment with Vejo’s antioxidant-rich Pacific Northwest Tart Berry blend and our Pacific Glacial Clay Detoxifying Mask, packed with more than 60 minerals and antioxidants from sustainably-sourced Pacific Glacial Clay. To double-up on anti-aging remedies, pair our clinically-proven Renew Duo with the Collagen Glow blend and see fine lines and wrinkles fade into smoother, plumper skin. Complete your night-time routine winding down with their Sleep Lemon Tea blend and our Moisture Lock Overnight Mask, and have the most luxuriously restful slumber.

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