Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out on Face Mists

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out on Face Mists

Face mists feel and smell good, but do they actually do anything? The short (and definitive) answer: yes. At least, ours does.

Read on to see how you might benefit from using a face mist as part of your skincare regimen.

What’s inside a face mist?

Incorporating face mists into your skincare routine may feel like a 21st-century trend, but the practice actually dates back to 1700 B.C. Ancient Greeks indulged in balneotherapy, or soaking in therapeutic mineral waters. It’s a precursor to the modern-day face mist.

Today, many face mists (including ours) consist of more than just mineral water; they contain a combination of teas, oils and other ingredients that offer a scope of benefits. Unfortunately, there are some mists on the market you should avoid — ones that are water-based, loaded with fillers or entirely devoid of skin nutrition.

Look for a face mist that uses green and white teas as a base, as tea delivers a boost of antioxidants and polyphenols. Antioxidants decelerate the aging process by neutralizing free radicals in the body and preventing them from damaging skin cells and DNA. Some antioxidants also may help reduce inflammation and keep skin looking young longer. Polyphenols protect the body’s delicate tissues from oxidative stress, which can kill healthy cells and eventually even contribute to diseases including cancers and inflammation.

You’ll also want a mist that features essential oils, which help keep skin hydrated. Other active face mist ingredients may include aloe vera, which locks in moisture and improves your skin’s firmness, thanks to antioxidants including beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. Algae extract repairs cellular damage and prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL), which is the process by which water passes from inside your body out through the epidermis.

While face mists are enjoying a boom in popularity, their science-backed benefits ensure they’re more than just a flash-in-the-pan trend. Nutrient-rich face mist can be an incredible (and even necessary) addition to your skincare routine.

How face mists work

A cool spritz on your face feels refreshing, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. Hydrating face mists are designed to seep deep into your pores and deliver nutrients as an active part of your skincare routine.

Face mists work through a process called vasoconstriction, the narrowing of blood vessels. Misting our faces to generate vasoconstriction can achieve many ends: it is known to increase blood flow to the brain, regulate body temperature and maintain homeostasis (the overall functioning of our bodies). But with the right ingredients, misting our faces can do much more than just boost our biological processes—it can actually nourish and enhance our complexions.

Vasoconstriction actually decreases blotchiness in our skin by countering vasodilation, a common process in which blood vessels relax and widen, resulting in reddened skin. Face mists stimulate the skin with cool fluid and compel blood vessels to narrow, keeping skin balanced and complexion even.

Mist onto your face, neck and chest after cleansers, or any time you’re craving an extra-nourishing dose of antioxidants.

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