How To De-Stress Your Skin


With extra time at home, many of us have stepped up our skincare routines. So why is our skin still feeling stressed, inflamed or break out prone? We may be using more products all at once and not allowing our skin the time to adjust, or maybe natural aggressors like indoor pollution and stress are the things wreaking havoc on our skin. 

This is a great time to turn your routine into a stress relieving ritual. Try to set an intention during your skincare routine, add a warm towel or take a couple deep, cleansing breaths with your favorite essential oil blend. Add a gentle facial massage at the end of your routine for added decompression.

We suggest using nutrient-rich formulas that give your skin the tools to better heal and calm itself. Here are a few of our favorite products to reset and restore our stressed skin: 

  1. Pre Cleanse Oil: Perfect for stressed skin, sesame seed oil helps to soften the outermost layer of skin while gently removing impurities. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to a warm towel and remove gently. 
  2. Clear Nutrient Toner: This blemish fighting tonic balances your skins’ microbiome. Sandalwood hydrosol, helichrysum and olive leaf extract add hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. Wet a reusable cotton pad and softly apply to skin.
  3. Clear Pure Radiance Oil: Rescue skin from red, inflamed blemishes and adds nourishing essential fatty acids like Pumpkin Seed and Red Raspberry Seed Oils to repair stressed skin. Gently massage this oil into your skin and inhale the relaxing scent of sandalwood, helichrysum and cypress.

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