ASK THE TRUE TEAM What’s the Right Way to Apply Face Oil?

Face oil serves a pretty basic function — moisturizing — but it gets a way more complicated reputation because application methods are all over the place. Should you press, pat, massage, or…just slap it on? Here, lead skincare therapist Tara Parenti explains exactly how to use facial oil, including the “feather-like strokes” she swears by to enhance absorption and radiance. 

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Step 1

Mist Your Face

Spray a generous amount of Renew or Calm Nutrient Mist. This will treat your skin to natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and most importantly, soak the skin in humectants — helping your face oil to better absorb and seal in that plumping hydration.

Step 2

Measure Your Drops

Place 5-7 drops of your favorite Pure Radiance Oil onto your palm (that’s about one drop per quadrant of your face). For day, you may want to use less drops given that you’ll be wearing additional complexion products, such as SPF and perhaps foundation. For night, you can up the amount all the way to 10 drops if you want to make it more of a treatment experience.

Step 3

Apply Your Face Oil

Apply oil equally to all areas of the face and neck with feather-like strokes. Gently massage the formula into your skin, working from the center of your face out. Move up the bridge of your nose, go towards the forehead, and then finish along the outer perimeter of your face. This light touch will promote microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.

Extra Credit

Adjust for Your Skin Type

If your skin is oily or breakout-prone, a lighter touch is best — you don’t want to overstimulate already overactive oil glands. If your skin is on the dry or dull side, use a slightly firmer pressure with massage-like strokes. This will jumpstart oil production and boost microcirculation, revitalizing your complexion.