NOELLE KNOWS How to Give Yourself a Lymphatic Drainage Facial

In her new series, True Botanicals’ LA-based facial therapist Noelle Simons shares her insider skin-tel for a healthy, happy complexion. First up: a simple lymphatic drainage facial you can do at home for instantly de-puffed and radiant skin. 

There is no shortage of at-home skin treatments out there — many of them impressively high-tech. But some of our favorite practices are decidedly low-tech, equipment-free, and simply require tapping into our bodies’ natural rhythms. Case in point: the lymphatic drainage facial.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits Your Face

The lymphatic system, part of our immune system, is our body’s (juice cleanse-free!) built-in detox. Made up of various lymph nodes and vessels, the nodes work to filter out toxins while the vessels help to move fluid throughout our bodies.

This drainage process, however, can be a little slow when it comes to our faces. Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has the heart to power it, our lymphatic system is guided by muscle movement — something our faces just don’t get a lot of. That’s why a little manual stimulation can have a big payoff, bringing down puffiness and helping to give skin an insta-lift. (It’s especially helpful during cold season, when congestion leads to a lot of built-up fluid.) Here’s how to do it in 5 simple steps. 

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Step 1

Prep Skin

After cleansing your skin, use the Nutrient Mist or Toner and apply your Pure Radiance Oil of choice. You only need a couple of drops for this — the key is to have enough slip so that you’re not pulling on your skin, but not so much that you aren’t able to gently grip it with your fingers.

Step 2

Begin at the Neck

Starting along both sides of your neck, pinch downwards towards the clavicle bone. Think of the pinching motion as if you’re twisting a pea between your fingers, maintaining enough tension to keep it there, but not enough to squish it.

Step 3

Move Up the Face

At your chin, now pinch outward along your jaw. Work your way up the face — under cheekbones, along cheekbones, and finally under your eyes. (Be extra gentle here.)

Step 4

Now, Brows and Forehead

Anchoring your thumb under your brow bone, pinch along the top of of your brow. Make your way up to your forehead.

Step 5

Bring it All Down

Once you’ve reach the top of the forehead, use the pads of your fingers to sweep down your face, giving yourself a couple of circles behind your ears. Repeat the full practice 3 to 4 times.