Post-Baby Bodies are Gorgeous

In honor of National Nude Day today, July 14th, we’re encouraging self-love with an affirming ode to the beauty of post-baby bodies.  

Our “Love yourself, gorgeous mama” campaign features self-love coach and mother of three, Jasmin Steiner from @marriedmomandmantras. After battling through severe PPD, Jasmine has redefined herself from a body-builder with low self-esteem to a powerful and inspiring woman with a strong sense of self-worth. She wanted to participate in this campaign because she hadn’t seen anything like her post-partum body featured in mainstream media, and she believes post-baby skin should be normalized and honored.

“I want moms to see themselves in this ad and to know they are beautiful too and they deserve to be seen just as they are,” says Jasmin. “True Botanicals is really putting their best foot forward by giving the spotlight to other types of beauty. I’m incredibly honored to be in this ad and grateful to use their products every day and night. “

The campaign features Calm Pure Radiance Oil and Pure Radiance Body Oil – both pregnancy-safe, ultra-nourishing blends full of natural biocompatible oils that reveal glistening, silky skin from head to toe. “I love how my skin glows and I feel more confident spending my days without makeup,” says Jasmin.

“Self-love is giving yourself the same safe keeping and loving treatment that you give to that beautiful baby you grew with your powerful body, “ says Rebecca Boston, CMO of True Botanicals and mother of three. “True Botanicals enables that kind of self-loving treatment with safe, luxurious skincare of the highest standards. We make natural biocompatible skincare that works.”

Give your skin the love it deserves.