Giftspiration: Haley Boyd

Haley Boyd

This holiday season, we’re getting in the spirit by getting quick tips on what to give, what to get, and how to celebrate from a few of our most inspirational friends. First up in our Giftspiration Survey, Haley Boyd—a designer and eco-minded lifestyle muse who we turn to for advice on everything style and sustainability.

Best gift you’ve ever received…

A poem, a piece of art, or anything handmade.

Best gift you’ve ever given…

I bought my three-year-old niece nontoxic, sparkly nail polish from Nailmatic and we now do mani pedis constantly. She is so enamored with it, and it’s a special thing for us to do together. 

Favorite True Botanicals product to give

The Renew Mist is always a hit—for every age and skincare routine.

Favorite charity to support

Earth Alliance is an amazing non-profit protecting the planet and preventing climate change. A donation in someone’s name would be a great gift and way of supporting the greatest challenge of our lifetime. 

Tip for a more sustainable holiday…

If you’re flying over the holidays, consider offsetting your emissions by donating to an organization like Gold Standard.

Go-to holiday dish…

Ina Garten’s French apple tart. If you can find yuzu jam, I recommend subbing that for the apricot jam the recipe calls for.

Rituals for keeping calm during the holiday hustle…

Taking walks and magnesium salt baths

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