MY RITUALS Ashley Merrill

MY RITUALS Ashley Merrill

Ashley Merrill has a slight obsession with comfort—but she certainly isn’t afraid to get uncomfortable. She launched Lunya, her supremely luxe sleep and loungewear line, while pregnant with her first child…and in business school. But her desire to make pajamas as satisfyingly cozy as her husband’s oversize t-shirts and sweats couldn’t wait. (And anyone who’s ever slipped into a Lunya anything is forever grateful.) Here’s how the founder/CEO stays centered despite her booked-and-busy schedule.

Tea Time

“I’m a huge decaf tea drinker. I abandoned caffeine a few years back (which I know sounds insane), and became a major tea person. I’m often seen walking around the Lunya office with a 64 oz. Hydroflask full of Bengal spice tea.”

Unrequired Reading

“When I was getting my MBA, I overdosed on business books. And when my kids were babies, I was so exhausted that I would pick up a book and immediately pass out. Now, I’ve started reading books for pleasure again after a long hiatus, and this book renaissance has been wonderful for me. I recently read Sapiens, which blew my mind, and the Tattooist of Auschwitz, which was a beautiful story of love amidst a horrific backdrop of Nazi history.”

Moisture-Packed Nightcap 

“I’m 35 and my skin is starting to get a little crepey, so I’m loving the Moisture Lock Overnight Mask for an in-bed hydration hit. I’ve tried other sleeping masks before, but this one is particularly juicy.”

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After-Work Outfit Change

“Lunya is my get-home-from-work ritual. I find shedding my clothes to be part of the transition to ‘home’ me. While changing, I begin to set down my stressful work day and can suit up for the more relaxed side of myself—which includes things like hanging with my husband, my kids, and cooking. My go-to pieces are the silk tee set and romper.” 

Brainstorms on the Reformer

I actually was not a fan when I first started pilates, but after a few weeks I got hooked. I find that it challenges my body in a way that is slow and focused, and as I got better at the poses, classes became this creative environment to let my mind wander. Surprisingly, many of my most creative ideas have come up on the reformer. My go-to spots are Platinum Pilates and Natural Pilates in Santa Monica.”