How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Sanctuary

spa bathroom

Compared with the rest of our living space, the time we spend in our bathrooms is precious yet powerful. A morning shower can be a sensorial pep-talk; our nighttime skincare a 3-minute lullaby. (For a parent, it’s the only room you can…actually be alone in.) Naturally, making the space as zen as possible only ups the self-care quotient. Here’s how to do it, with tips from Ariel Kaye, founder of the ultra-luxe Parachute Home

Add Some Plants

A little greenery makes your bathroom look more pleasing to the eye, and it can also help the plants thrive. Air plants and calathea love the extra moisture in the air and can tolerate the indirect light. Kaye’s favorite? “Aloe plants do really well in a bathroom setting. They bring a pop of color and of course have healing properties. My aloe plant has come in handy to heal minor burns and soothe itchy skin.” For the ultimate spa-shower hack, Kaye says to hang dried eucalyptus from your showerhead.

Clear the Air

Ever walk into your bathroom at the end of the day and notice it still smells like your morning body wash? That’s because most bath and shower products are packed with synthetic fragrances that hang in the air— troublesome considering their endocrine-disrupting potential. To limit the indoor air pollution, look for naturally scented products instead, like the Nourishing Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner. Installing some natural air purifiers (i.e. plants) can also help.

Cut Back on Clutter

A counter overflowing with your entire beauty routine isn’t exactly a stress-relieving sight. “I’m all about organization,” notes Kaye. “I use simple storage bins that I can neatly tuck away in a closet, or designate drawers that can hold any overflow of self-care products.” As for what actually gets a coveted spot on the sink, Kaye sticks with “a few essential products that I use every day, like my Clear Nourishing Cleanser. This way my space stays clean and organized and my products remain fresh, as I’m not circulating through lots of options.”

Style with Textiles

Like your first oat milk latte, truly great towels can be life-changing. Beyond being functional, they can add to your bathroom’s visual appeal. “I’ve been loving our waffle towels,” says Kaye. “They are lightweight, super absorbent, and add a nice textural element.” If you roll a few and place them in a sink-side basket, Kaye notes they “double as decor.” Their color palette can also make a big design difference. Although the hue you choose will likely depend on personal preference, Kaye says to go with neutrals for a “calming atmosphere” — something pretty much everyone could use right now.

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