True Botanicals’ Q2 Sustainability & Safety Report

A note from founder, Hillary Peterson, 

“Diligence” is the word that comes to mind when I think about this quarter’s sustainability report. Building a sustainable company requires earnest, thorough and persistent work by every single employee, supplier and partner. It requires diligence along every step of the way! So in this quarter’s report, you’ll hear about the responsible choices we make across the entire life cycle of our products and our holistic approach to sustainability.

I am so grateful for our passionate community, from our farmers and manufacturers to our amazing True Botanicals team and customers. Together, we are creating meaningful change.

Yours truly,

Hillary Peterson

Key Goals Met in Q2 2022

  1. Launched New MADE SAFE ® Certified Product & Wins Bronze Medal for Sustainability

Our new, MADE SAFE certified Shine & Protect Hair Cream Oil is a high-performance product free of any of the heavy footprint toxins found in conventional hair care products.

Instead of silicones – which are not biodegradable and accumulate inside of wildlife when washed down the drain – we used natural plant oils like avocado and olive oils.

Instead of synthetic fragrances – which are petro-chemical based and bad for the atmosphere – we used MADE SAFE certified botanical essential oils like Ylang and Neroli. 

The best part is the facility we partnered with to manufacture our Shine & Protect Hair Cream Oil was awarded the Bronze Medal by EcoVadis! The Bronze Medal is only awarded to the top 50% of companies worldwide practicing leading sustainability management systems.

2. Glass Manufacturer Wins Gold Medal for Sustainability

The facility we partner with to manufacture all of our recyclable glass packaging was awarded the Gold Medal by EcoVadis, which is the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating! EcoVadis only awards the Gold Medal to the top 5% of companies worldwide practicing leading sustainability management systems.

Our Entire Life Cycle of Sustainability

True Botanicals' Q2 Sustainability & Safety Report

“Sustainable beauty” is about so much more than just a recyclable carton – it requires a holistic approach across all operations. 

We evaluate the entire life cycle of each and every one of products – from how the ingredients are farmed and extracted, to the sustainable and ethical business practices of our partner manufacturing facilities, to how quickly ingredients can biodegrade after washing down the drain. We lean on many highly credible, third-party certification seals and processes to do this, such as MADE SAFE, Environmental Working Group,  the Forest Stewardship Council and EcoVadis, to name just a few.

Stay Tuned…

Safety and sustainability is not a destination – it’s a journey upon which we are continually improving!

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