MY RITUALS Mama Medicine

Mama Medicine, a.k.a. Deborah Hanekamp

Photo Credit: Stevi Sesin

From her airy studio in Soho, Deborah Hanekamp — better known as Mama Medicine to her devoted followers — blends a variety of ancient traditions and healing modalities into her signature Medicine Readings. These hour-plus long sessions feature aura readings, crystal and sound therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, and more, all to help center the uncentered. When she’s not busy balancing other people’s energies, though, she’s tending to her own — because even healers need healing.

Rise early

“I wake up around 5am to give myself two hours of me time. I meditate for about an hour, drink tea or coffee, do facial guasha, and drink water with lemon before I begin a full day of Medicine Readings and momming.”

Take a soak

“When you come to a Medicine Reading, you leave with a prescribed Ritual Bath. And they are my favorite and most accessible way for me to be my own healer. It’s just like a regular bath, but you place a special intention on it — for health, for confidence, for peace, whatever you are seeking. I take one once a week, soaking for at least twenty minutes.”

Heal with crystals

I give myself crystal healing regularly. I place lemurian seed quartz on my heart, carnelian on my belly, and labradorite on my forehead, and lay on my Biomat — an infrared, crystal bed made of amethyst and black tourmaline, and wrapped in copper. I’ll do this for around 30 minutes.”

Embrace the moment

“Cuddle time with my family is the best part of my day, and is incredibly restorative. What nourishes the heart nourishes the soul.”

Let it flow

“I go to Pratima Spa for Shirodara, an Ayurvedic treatment where warm oil is poured on the forehead for about an hour. It is deeply, deeply relaxing, and afterward I feel very quiet and sleepy.”