How Laura Dern Got Her Skin Oscars-Ready

To say that Laura Dern has been busy is an understatement. Between her red carpet appearances for critically acclaimed performances in Big Little Lies, Little Women, and her Academy Award-winning turn in Marriage Story (plus a packed shooting schedule for upcoming projects) she hasn’t exactly had time for lengthy, elaborate beauty routines. And yet: she’s got the best skin of her life. Here, the 5-product skincare routine that’s kept her radiant (and sane) during her whirlwind year. 

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Renew Nourishing Cleanser

“It’s purely cleaning my skin, but I feel like it balances it too,” says Dern of Renew Nourishing Cleanser. She reaches for the non-stripping formula morning and night. 

Renew Nutrient Mist

After cleansing, Dern spritzes her skin with the Renew Nutrient Mist, morning and night. But she’s not the only fan in her family: “It’s one thing to find a product that I love that just works beautifully. It’s another thing to have my son steal my Nutrient Mist and keep it in his backpack.”

Renew Pure Radiance Oil

Makeup artist Gita Bass turned Dern onto the Pure Radiance Oil — and she hasn’t picked up a face lotion since. “I love Pure Radiance Oil for what it does to my skin,” says Dern. “Smoothing, balancing, firming. I’m seeing how much better my skin is, how much prettier makeup lays on it, and I realize that it’s just better for my skin.”

Renew Repair Serum

At night, Dern locks in her Pure Radiance Oil with a hydrating dose of the Renew Repair Serum. “When your skin is thirsty, [it] gives it everything it needs.” 

Vitamin C Booster

“I’ve watched my own skin change, and people comment when I’ve been working in film how good my skin looks,” says Dern. One product that’s seriously aided the transformation? The Vitamin C Booster, which Dern mixes into her nightly Renew Repair Serum for brightening, firming burst of antioxidants.